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Resiliency Building Drumming Programs

We teach you to deliver on-going Resiliency building drumming programs with outcome measures to track progress and results at your school!

Utilizing the innovative, evidence-based and sustainable Drumming for Success™ and Drumming off Drugs™ programs with outcome measures will provide the children in your school or clients in your facility profound learning in a fun, engaging, hands-on drumming activity.

Explore the following programs which target both Resiliency for At-Risk youth and drug rehabilitation protocols.

Drum circle

Drumming for Success

Drumming for Success™ is a targeted, evidence-based Resiliency Program for At-Risk youth. It is a hands-on, kinesthetic learning protocol in a group setting. Cooperation, communication and group goals are key elements. Widely accepted outcome measures are used to track progress. Positive outcomes are both immediate and lasting.

Steve Ferraris drumming with students

Outcomes include increases in social competence, problem solving skills, autonomy, optimism and self-esteem. These attributes contribute to “emotional intelligence” and are the building blocks to resiliency. Try it. Hit the drum with your mouse and learn more about Drumming for Success™

Drumming off Drugs

Drumming off Drugs™ improves patient outcomes and decreases AMA rates (leaving treatment Against Medical Advice)!

Drumming off Drugs patients

This evidence-based complementary therapy for recovering addicts offers immediate results in reducing participants’ feelings of depression and anxiety. The ability and experience of connecting and communicating with others is re-established for individuals who have lost these relationship elements through addiction. The immediate results of the Drumming off Drugs™ protocol improves the effectiveness of other therapies during treatment and it has been shown to reduce AMA rates at rehabilitation facilities. Hit the drum with your mouse and learn more about Drumming off Drugs™