Bio- Steve Ferraris

Steve Ferraris

History of Development of Root Drumming Systems Drumming Therapy protocols

As a percussionist trained in the West African and Afro-Caribbean tradition of hand drumming I’ve learned that drumming in traditional cultures is far more than musical entertainment. Master drummers are trained as teachers, historians and healers. Rhythm represents life and group drumming represents community. To play successfully in a group drumming context requires one to be a strong individual in a healthy community. This understanding and my work in the field of education led me to teaching drumming to disabled populations (both physical and emotional disabilities) through Very Special Arts. The anecdotal evidence of the positive benefits of drumming with these populations from staff, administrators and parents was overwhelming. This triggered my desire to formalize my drumming protocol and conduct pilot studies to show evidence-based efficacy. Once I established evidence of the efficacy of the Root Drumming Systems drumming therapy I developed the “sustainability model” that is now called Root Drumming Systems. I can now provide drumming based healing modalities that are evidence-based with outcome measures, cost effective and sustainable.