Drumming for Success

A Passion for Rhythm is a Passion for Life!

A growing body of research indicates that group drumming has enormous potential to affect positive change in participants’ physical and emotional well-being. (See research links below)

We have conducted numerous group drumming pilot studies at Afterschool programs, Drug treatment centers and at Homeless Shelters in the past two years. The data consistently indicates significant increases in self-esteem and social skills. We continue to collect data to evaluate the long term efficacy of the Drumming for Success™ program.


There are three objectives of the Drumming for Success™ therapeutic drumming intervention program.

  1. A detailed facilitators manual for your staff.
  2. Twelve djembe drums for the Drumming for Success™ program implementation.
  3. Outcome measures and evaluation tools.
  4. On-line audio of Drumming for Success™ rhythms.

Personal Statement

Students marching and drumming

“Drumming programs for at-risk individuals are effective because rhythm is fundamental to life. Our physiology is based on precise coordinated rhythms. Our physical world is based on precise rhythms. Each day, week, month, season and year is based on the physical rhythms of the Sun and our planet.
When we practice rhythm we align ourselves (body and spirit) with reality. When we coordinate our rhythms with others we connect socially. In this context we can teach and learn more effectively.
Drumming programs for at-risk individuals are effective because we all have rhythm in our hearts.”

Steve Ferraris