Drumming off Drugs

A Passion for Rhythm is a Passion for Life!

The innovative Drumming off Drugs™ protocol sets your Treatment Center apart from the others! Improve patient outcomes, increase efficacy of all therapy modalities and improve your bottom line!

A growing body of research indicates that group drumming has enormous potential to affect positive change in participant’s physical and emotional well-being.
We have conducted group drumming pilot studies at Drug treatment centers and at Homeless Shelters over the past two years. The data consistently indicates significant, rapid decreases in anxiety and depression and increases in self-esteem.
Clinicians and therapists have noted after just two drumming sessions that patients were more energetic, more positive and more willing to participate in group discussions.
The Drumming off Drugs™ program complements and improves outcomes of the other therapeutic modalities already in use at your facility.
Perhaps most significantly, Drumming off Drugs™ helps to keep people in treatment longer! We measured AMA rates (leaving treatment against medical advice) among Drumming off Drugs™ participants and non-Drumming off Drugs™ control groups and found a significant reduction in AMA rates among Drumming off Drugs™ participants.
Patient retention, measured using AMA rates, showed patients who participated in drumming were 3 times less likely to leave treatment against medical advice.


The primary objectives of the Drumming off Drugs™ therapeutic drumming intervention program are:

  1. A detailed facilitators print manual for your staff.
  2. Twelve djembe drums for the Drumming off Drugs™ program implementation.
  3. Outcome measures and evaluation tools.
  4. On-line manual with audio of Drumming off Drugs™ rhythms

Personal Statement

Djembe drum

The use of rhythm exercises combined with discussion of musical/recovery analogies is an effective and cost effective modality that every treatment facility should consider implementing.
The proven efficacy and the reduction in AMA rates means Drumming off Drugs™ will improve your patients’ outcomes and your Treatment Center’s bottom line.